About Town, Instagram-Style

I got out an about a lot in Portland since it's a really accessible town with mostly friendly drivers and fairly easy parking in most places. I felt no desire to haul my camera around with me, and even on the days I had it with me, felt a great reluctance to use it. I'm always about 3 weeks behind in this space, but my Instagram feed is completely updated, so feel free to check out my adventures there as well. I try not to cross-post much, so if you read here, you'll see very little of anything I post there.

Powell's Books, just as overwhelming as the last time I visited

Celiac-safe mac and cheez from Harlow, where I had a super fun lunch with my high school teacher, Tim

House of Vintage on Hawthorne

Somewhere on Mississippi Ave.

Wishing Tree in NE PDX, where I left one of Kristi's tags