Austin, Take Two

I landed back in Austin several day before I planned to, but thanks to Ethan, a good friend from college, I had a place to stay for as long as I needed in order to get my proverbial ducks back in a row. This time I was on the southern end of the city.

On the first afternoon I got to hang out at a skate park with Ethan and his son, watching skaters of all ages try tricks that made my legs feel wobbly.

There were normal things like trips to the supermarket, tacos at Torchy's, and visiting the imposing State Capitol building which has a beautiful dome, but second to Mississippi's gorgeous, elaborate dome, in my opinion.

I was lucky enough to go to the Paramount Theater 3 times during the week I stayed with Ethan; it's good (and incredibly lucky) to have friends who work in the right places and get comp tickets as part of their benefits. I saw Tig Notaro, Henry Rollins, and the taping of Talk Nerdy (Episode 138) which was a mind-bending discussion about physics. The panel took questions at the end; a couple of 12-year-old kids were singled out and asked some really interesting questions.

I took a couple of day trips too, which I'll share over the next couple of posts.