By the Seat of My Pants

Fully relaxed, I left for Montpelier and my friend Merin's house, only to realize that in the scramble of texting multiple people to make plans, I'd miscommunicated dates and suddenly needed a place to stay. Rather than turn back to Hanover, I found a campground at Limehurst Lake and settled in for one last night with Yoda.

The pause turned out to be magical, and funny, and exactly what I needed. I was forced to pause, which gave me a chance to consider just how huge this adventure was, and how lucky I felt to have been smart enough to follow my heart. 

The next morning I woke to pouring rain, so I responded in the only sane way one can, which meant finding Wayside Restaurant and eating an obscene amount of omelet, bacon, and toast while slowly drying out. I landed in the library for a while and worked for a few hours after perusing the book sale, where I scored a copy of Kate Christensen's Blue Plate Special for $2.

Merin finished up her morning and took me for a walk with her sweet pup in the woods, then we headed home for a simple dinner, a little TV, and an early night. I slept like a rock. After hugs in the morning, I hit the road for my hometown, the last stop on my adventure.