Impromptu Side Trip - George Dickel Distillery

Impromptu: done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed.

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After a lone night in Atlanta at our Airbnb, doing laundry and re-disorganizing my car, I headed for Nashville and my cousin's house. On the way I started seeing signs for the George Dickel Distillery, so, mandatory detour! I was introduced to Mr. Dickel's whisky by a friend several years ago and it's been a favorite since. I first stopped at Normandy Lake to check out the view and then headed on toward the distillery.

I signed up for a tour and had a great time with a very knowledgeable guide and a lovely couple from Germany, walking through the place. No photos are allowed inside the distillery, which just killed me, because the place is gorgeous inside! After a final Q&A in one of the small, delicious-smelling warehouses, we ended with a tasting. So, so good.

Normandy Lake Foliage

Normandy Lake

George A. Dickel Distillery

Dickel Dry Goods

Whisky Sale Room

Tour Armband

Spring Water

Distillery Front Door

Whisky Barrels