Going Modern in Albany

In Albany, I stayed with my friends Skye and Victoria and their kids, snuggling into their daughter Elke's tiny bed at night, watching the light from the streetlights pour across the beautiful apple quilt made by Victoria. We devoured modern art in the days I spent there, visiting Art OMI to see sculptures stashed in woods and fields, and the Egg and the bizarre warren of office space below it, which featured several large pieces by different artists. Elke belted out songs from Frozen in any place there was an echo. Victoria sewed my backpack patches on with her sewing machine, small potatoes next to the precise and stunning artwork that she creates for her online shop, The Binderie. We wandered their neighborhood, had cider donuts and checked on the old apartment in which their son Lyric was born. Someone had been using it as a clubhouse; they stole cabinets and appliances but apparently repaired the clogged roof drain that had caused the roof to cave in a bit. I left with a lighter heart, headed for Vermont, and so close to home.