Heading West

In between Progress and Austin, I spent the night on a small pond in Louisiana, springing for a KOA Kabin to somewhat suppress the noise of the revelers 4 doors down; I had completely forgotten that this was a holiday weekend and my neighbors were living it up from dawn until the wee hours of the morning.

I sat on the porch, watched ducks paddle by, drank wine from my Mississippi Craft Center cup, and generally relaxed into the rhythm of being on the move once again. There's a funny sort of anonymity that comes with being in a place for just one night. Early in the trip it made me uncomfortable, but now I look forward to those nights where I land briefly, skim the surface of a place, and then move on.

I spent a little bit of time digging around in the car, but there's less and less need for that as I jettison the things I don't need and pack away the things I won't need until later.

In the morning I made coffee on the porch, threw my bags back into the car and headed for Austin, where some sweet dogs were waiting to spend a few days with me.