Hy Court Farm (Read: Heaven)

The anchor during my brief house sitting drama turned out to be Hy Court Farm, another place I found on Hipcamp. Accidentally finding what has turned out to be one of my favorite spots on this trip was an absolute blessing. I stayed at Hy Court one night before the house sit that didn't work out, and then the two nights after, including Thanksgiving. I could not have asked for a warmer, kinder, quieter place to get back to center.

The guest apartment is above the stables, so there is the comforting noise of horses moving around and snorting, as well as the mournful, sad-trombone-dying-vacuum-cleaner-squeaky-porch-door lament of the donkey who lives there too. Donkeys make me smile and this guy was no exception, yodeling loudly a couple of times a day.

The countryside around Hy Court is beautiful rolling fields as far as the eye can see, gold to green and back to gold again, with abandoned houses and farm buildings creating islands around which tractors and cows navigate as Mother Nature slowly reclaims the area. The sky was dark and stormy on my first drive in, providing a dramatic backdrop for the herds of cattle grazing along the fences.

After days and days of bright blue skies I reveled in the more somber weather. One of the things I miss dearly is weather. I am lucky to have had mostly beautiful weather, but it feels unbalanced and strange. I've never described a string of beautiful weather as relentless, but I am beginning to. I need a little bit of weather perspective.

I arrived at Hy Court for the second time on Thanksgiving after a quick stop at HEB in Bastrop, which was thankfully open. A tiny chicken, potatoes, peas, squash, and some snacks provided me with a feast for the 2 days I spent at the farm. I worked in my sketchbook for the first time in a month, finished reading Yes Please, by Amy Poehler (highly recommended), and redisorganized my office bag. It was a good place to reconnect with myself, figure out what had just happened, and think about the best way to move forward.

I got a lot of rest and made plans to stay with a friend in Austin. Things have a way of working themselves out and as it turns out, I am lucky to know a lot of very kind, generous people around this country. Austin, take two, was in the works.