Impromptu Side Trip(s) - Purse State Park & Colonial Williamsburg

Impromptu: done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed.

Before I left Maryland I went with my friend Sarah to Purse State Park on the Potomac River, where sharks' teeth and fossils are pretty common. I added several tiny black teeth to my small collection. There were wild persimmons on the strip of beach, as well as great big blackened logs washed up by the tide.

Shark's Teeth, Shells & Fossils

Wild Persimmons

Potomac Flotsam

When I arrived in Yorktown, VA I went to Colonial Williamsburg with my friend Jess. We thought it would be a quick walk around. It is not; the place is enormous. We made it back home with minutes to spare and kids coming off of the school bus. So much to see - it is a truly amazing place that feels like New England, minus the humidity.

Colonial Williamsburg Fence

Colonial Playbill

Governor's Palace

Church Wall

Church Wall

Confederate Soldier - Church Graveyard

Overlook No Details - Women's Restroom

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