It Is About Being

I seem to have a knack for being with the right people at the right time on this trip. Miami included my friend Jen and her family. Pretty much immediately after saying hello, Jen said that maintaining the blog seems like a ton of work and that I looked exhausted. She was not wrong. After blazing down and across Florida, I was pretty much completely wrung out. It's the kind of tired that makes you think you need a nap, but you realize you're too tired to even do that. Sometimes I need a good, plain speaking friend to say out loud all of the things that have been running through your mind for days; Jen has always been one of those people for me.

Guest Room Doors

I spent my first day getting caught up on all of the things that were weighing on me, including where to stay and what to do for the next 4-6 weeks. I got it mostly hammered out, which felt like such a relief. Planning as I go is absolutely no joke. It takes hours to make all of those connections and then make sure everything dovetails well enough that I can string together Plan Bs on the fly. I wrote a blog post or two, did a load of laundry, took approximately 4 naps, and got some reading done.


One of the things that has been tough over the last week is that I've been so focused on getting somewhere that I have had no energy or desire to go see or do anything when I arrive. My last couple of posts have been pretty boring, in my opinion, which just got the coulda/woulda/shoulda self-talk machine spun up. I forget that I'm in this for the long haul, that I'm facing my own big and small fears with baby steps.

Basically, I was feeling like I have this obligation to go see and do all of the fun, shiny things that are out there in every place I go. Focusing on that completely disregards hours of driving, setting up campsites, communicating with a ton of people to make plans for the next place to stay. That stuff all takes a huge amount of energy, which I tend to take lightly until I'm totally fried. Guess there's some room in here for mindfulness - maybe I should start meditating again.

Guest Room

So, following the much needed reminder you see above, I spent my time in Miami just Being. We did normal stuff like go to IKEA and watch TV. It was glorious. I also took a day trip to Islamorada, which was super fun.

Adults vs. 2-Year-Olds

I managed to unwind a bit, to feel less internal pressure about making this The Perfect Blog and more about what it is really meant to be, a journal I can look back on when I get home and can't believe this all actually happened.

IKEA Miami

There may have been a little cart surfing at IKEA.

Highway Sky

There was always the gigantic Florida sky filled with billowing clouds.