Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is gorgeous. However, some combination of temperatures hovering in the high 30s, a high wind warning (they were not kidding), and dozens of "Oh, you are going to LOVE Joshua Tree! It's AMAZING!" comments over the last few months led to a lukewarm reception on my part. The cooler something is, the more resistant I become. I think I just had an off day and was feeling over-saturated with beautiful things to look at (serious first world problems), leaving my friends in Santa Monica, and nerves about the upcoming AltSummit conference in Palm Springs. Still, I persevered and in the end was happy to have spent my day cruising the park, skipping things like Skull Rock in favor of Keys View, where I was very nearly blown off the top of the mountain. Suffice to say, this place is high on my list of spots to revisit in warmer weather and perhaps someone to hike with.