Living Desert

While casting about for things to do in Carlsbad, NM, I found Living Desert. Based on the reviews and on not checking the official website, I believed that the animals kept there were primarily rescues, which turned out not to be the case, except for one raptor. The gardens were wonderful, an outside walk through multiple desert environments, with very well done interpretive signs. The penned buffalo, mule deer, bear, birds of prey, and other animals made me feel sad. The bear rolled over when she saw me, lifted her head, and then let it fall with a thunk, letting out a long, gusty sigh. I think I might be done with zoos.

However, I did take the opportunity to go into the reptile house and look at snakes up close. It was terrifying, but I think it was good for me. I'm in Denver now and nearly bought a bit of tiny snake vertebrae at a shop I was browsing in yesterday. I'm not saying I like them, but exposure seems to be helping. Limited, contained exposure, because it's not like I've actually seen on since that one tail in Maryland a million weeks ago.