Stone Mountain

On Saturday we ventured out to Stone Mountain Park, which features a giant carving of the military leaders of the Confederacy on its side. The 3200 acre park is a mishmash of historical and geological history, with a lot of recreational trails and a theme park and railroad mixed in. On the day we were there, a giant pile of snow was being created (in 80+ degree weather) for an upcoming winter-themed attraction.

View from Stone Mountain

The views all the way up the mountain were gorgeous. The one-mile hike is no joke, getting so steep at the end that there are handrails set into the stone. You can see all the way to Atlanta and far beyond from the top. After hiking up, we opted to ride down in the gondola. I'm not afraid of heights generally, but the drop over the side had my stomach in my throat for a second!

Confederate Military Carving

It's really hard to fathom the size of the mountain and the carving, but according to the parl's website, the carving measures 3 acres!

Train Ride

Stone Mountain

We opted for the train ride, which basically provided me with an opportunity to snooze as we wound around the mountain, ignoring the TV monitors and loudspeaker blaring overhead.

Woods Walk

After the train ride we made our way back toward the museum for a picnic lunch and a little museum time for Christa. She told me all about how Stone Mountain came to be, but it's been long enough that you can refer to this Wikipedia article as a much more reliable source than me!