Point Reyes Field Trip

While I was in Petaluma for a few days, I met up with my friend Cyrena for a field trip to Point Reyes. We met at Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station where I got two of the most delicious gluten free muffins I've had in a long time. The place was mobbed with bicyclists and motorcyclists all lounging around in the sun, drinking coffee and catching up. The line was out the door, but moved really fast - the staff there is totally on their game.

We went to the Instagram-famous Point Reyes shipwreck, which some idiot partially burned while getting their cool shot. It's still super cool, though, and worth a visit.

We drove the tiny, winding roads down toward the Point Reyes lighthouse, stopping to admire the cows along the way, who were completely uninterested in us. At the visitor center we hopped on a giant rainbow bus to get down to the lighthouse drop-off. There's parking, but it's now closed, so you pay a fee and get a ride, complete with some chatter from the driver, which turned out to be really nice. We saw a whole lot of deer, elk, more cows, and a burrowing owl along the way.

We walked out to the lighthouse and then down 308 steps. The lighthouse is perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking crashing breakers; it's desolate and peaceful.

We hopped back on the rainbow bus and went to see the elephant seals, which were smack in the middle of their breeding season. There were volunteer docents all over the place, providing education to all of us gawking over the fence at what looked like a pile of slugs until you used the telescopes provided for the day. There was a pair mating on the beach, and after hearing the docent's description of the general process, I'm glad we couldn't see much. The craziest thing was how much bigger the males are than the females, but the docent assured us that the females can decline to mate and that the males are respectful of that.

We walked down the road to see a smaller group of seals, all moms with pups, except for one male who was being completely shunned by all of the snoozing, nursing ladies.

Our last stop was the Cypress Tree Tunnel. There were wedding photos happening at the end, so we just stopped at the top, but it was a great end to a long, wonderful day.