Santa Cruz

Cyrena rescued me with another long day out, this time in the Santa Cruz area. I drove up and over a small, windy pass and down toward Cyrena's childhood home on a grey, cold, rainy morning, dreaming about promised baked goods from Companion Bakeshop.

Once we picked up some breakfast we headed for the water and watched surfers for a bit outside the Surfing Museum. Then we headed down the road to Natural Bridges State Beach, where we took in the sights over the fence instead of heading down to the sand because it was still pretty windy and cold.

The next stop was Wilder Ranch State Park, which is still a working ranch with a few animals near the water. The buildings are beautiful and well maintained. It was here that the sun made a valiant effort and came out fully, increasing my happiness level quickly.

We drove up into the hills to check out the UC Santa Cruz campus, which is many, many acres of redwoods and cow pastures, with about a dozen small colleges tucked here and there into the trees. The emphasis there was definitely on the outdoors.

We headed off to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park to ogle the trees and sniff the cool piney air. We saw a massive banana slug and a herd of deer (much needed sighting by Cyrena!)

We headed to Davenport Roadhouse for lunch, where the food was decent and the service was as slow as molasses. After lunch we went to the aptly named Shark Fin Cove, a highly Instagrammed and breathtaking spot just over some train tracks and down a precipitous trail to the beach.

After clambering back up to the top and walking along the clifftop for a bit, we headed back into town and called it a day. A very, very good day.