Seattle Touristing

At some point in my online rambling around, I noticed that tickets were on sale to see one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert, speak in Seattle. Happily, the date coincided with my first night there, so after an early morning hug from Molly, I took my time getting ready and then headed toward Seattle.

I eventually found a parking spot in a tightly packed garage down the street from the theater and set off to kill several hours before the show. I hadn't explored Pike Place Market since I came for a visit when I was 15, so I spent a lot of time ogling flowers, watching other tourists, and browsing through little shops selling every tchotchke imaginable.

I found myself down the street from the market at Von's 1000 Spirits for a late lunch, where I ate what was quite possibly the best burger I've had on this whole trip - a Vietnamese style Banh Mi - that I have not stopped thinking about since. This place also includes an optional, additional 3% tip for the kitchen crew on their bill, which said a lot about how much this company values everyone who contributes there. 

I wandered more after lunch, popping into stores until I got too tired and overwhelmed by all the noise and people, so I headed up to my car for a PB&J dinner and a little nap. Refreshed, I made my way up the street to the gorgeous Moore Theater, and waited in a very long line to get a decent seat inside. I was early enough to find a good seat in the balcony with a clear view of the stage and spent the time before the show people watching and admiring the theater's intricate decoration.

I spent a day or two listening to Gilbert's Big Magic as I crossed from Arizona into California. She has a great reading voice; her personality really shines through. She is also a great speaker, both emotional and funny, with good timing and plenty of self-deprecation. I learned the important difference between chicken shit and chicken salad, and alternately cried, laughed, and cringed through a tale about a terrible lady parts injury brought on by a total lack of self-care and exhaustion during her mind-numbing book tour. 


After the show I made my way out into the cool night and followed clusters of people down the hill to the parking garage, then made my way to my uncle's apartment for the night.