After nearly a month in Leavenworth, I traded in my quiet, largely solitary life there for the chaos and noise of a large family in Spokane. On the way, I stopped at Dry Falls State Park, which I'd like to get back to someday when I have more time. The park is the site of Ice Age-era floods, which left behind a dramatic and beautiful landscape in the Grand Coulee. 

In Spokane, I stayed with my friend Steve, his wife, Nikki, and their 4 full-time rambunctious kids for 4 days. Within 15 minutes of arriving I found myself on the back of a motorcycle for the first time in 25 years and it was non-stop catching up, day trips to Idaho, watching the first season of Fargo, visiting the local botanical gardens, and seeing Spokane after that. It's good to have friends who will do absolutely anything for you. I still don't think the brass knuckles were a necessary addition to my gear, but the camping hammock will get used at some point soon.