Sweet Little Lady

This sweet little lady, Bailee, was my reason for being in Leavenworth. While her folks were off exploring Spain and Portugal, Bailee and I walked all over Leavenworth, watching Spring happen.

She has a solid internal radar for mud puddles and loves to eat and roll in things that are dead. Happily, she also has an iron stomach and loves to swim, so we managed to make it all work. She hates riding in the car, but I did see her sneaking her nose out the window to catch a breeze or two a few times. 

I've fallen in love with just about very dog I've taken care of, and Bailee was no exception. I photographed her a lot more because her people were first-time house sit clients and I posted a photo for them daily on Instagram. She was the perfect companion for a long set of sunny, quiet days in the woods.