The Lower Field

One of the small rituals I undertake most days is to walk whatever collection of dogs are around down to the lower field. Now that Mischa knows the space and I can let her run off-leash for the first time ever, it gives all of us time to take a breath, explore the edges of this ever-changing tiny world and follow the tracks its regular inhabitants leave behind. I appreciate the simple architectural beauty of a cobweb, covered in dew and trembling in the breeze. The dogs investigate the goat trails left by small animals and listen for the deer that live in the next field. Birds swoop through and bees lazily bumble from one flower to another. The sun shines through, dappling the edges of the field as the dogs indulge in a grass salad. I find a tiny nest in a wild rose. After a while, I whistle up the dogs and we head back to the house, satisfied.

Oh yeah, and my friend also sent me this AWESOME dragon suit, which I love, so there's that.