The Other Portland

The first few days in northeast Portland, OR were dedicated to a sweet Pit/Basset mix named Bunk. Ferocious on walks due to deep and abiding disapproval of most things, he was a total pussycat inside, lolling around taking extended naps on soft surfaces. He was serious about squirrel patrol and performed regular yard checks in between naps and snacks.

I spent an afternoon with my friend Marybel, a super talented artist whom I met at Alt Summit. We went to Tasty n Sons, a place I highly recommend. If you've watched the Portlandia episode about whether or not the chicken is local, then you understand the level of detail that waitstaff can and do get into - it's real and they're proud of it! I never felt worried about having celiac when I ate anywhere in Portland. We also stopped into Tea Bar for hot bubble tea, which was just about the best thing on a cold, rainy afternoon.

I spent part of an afternoon exploring Cargo, a truly delightful warehouse full of imports from around the world. The displays are beautifully done and the staff are really friendly. As a person with a penchant for paper lanterns, this was a great find.

There was drip coffee, trips to the market around the corner, wandering through shops, poking around the neighborhood with Bunk, and catching up on some overdue reading. I also visited my childhood friend in southwest Portland in preparation for staying in his home while his family was away.

On the morning I left my house sit I stopped by a neighborhood wishing tree and added on of Soul Positive's custom tags.