Today a woman jumped 30 feet off of the bridge I was driving across into 32 degree water. I didn’t even notice until I parked in a lot just past the bridge and turned to see several people frantically pointing and calling 911. She must have jumped just as I passed by. There was a big pickup truck riding my tailgate and I was busy making sure he didn’t drive right up my tailpipe, so it makes sense that I didn’t notice, but it also makes me wonder what else I don’t notice.

The woman was rescued, hospitalized, and is hopefully getting the help she needs to resolve whatever drove her to jump, but I am a little bit rattled. I have lived close to suicide and though I have made my peace with my own particular experiences, it is always shocking when it appears on your ho-hum Wednesday off, and when you are minding your own business, but not the business of someone who is desperate enough that they will throw themselves into frigid water to ask for help.